Michael Gahler

Pavel Seviarynets

30. June 2011 – Prisoners' godparenthoood: Michael Gahler adopts Pavel Seviarynets

Michael Gahler, Member of the European Parliament is becoming godfather of the political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets.


The Member of the European Parliament said:


„As I admire his courage and support his work for democracy in Belarus, I have  taken over the godparenthood for Pavel Seviarynets. The Godparenthood Campaign helps to raise awareness on the alarming situation in Belarus.


Despite the fact that Belarus is part of Europe we have to notice again and again that the Belarusian government denies European values for its population. The Presidential elections of December 2010 and their aftermath are violating all fundamental democratic principles. Opposition members, representatives of free media and members of human rights organisations have become victims of massive repressions."


The Prisoner’s Godparenthood campaign for political prisoners in Belarus was initiated by the human-rights organisation Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights to support the prisoners and their families. The European Parliament Delegation for relations with Belarus invited representatives of Libereco to Brussels to learn more about the Godparenthood Campaign.


Pavel Seviarynets, is one of the co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party (BCD) und was campaign leader of the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. In the framework of the violental dispersal of peaceful protests against the forged presidential election on 19th December 2010 Pavel Seviarynets was arrested on 20th of December. On the 16th of May 2011, after a public show trial, he was condemened to 3 years of labour camp. Because of his work for the opposition Pavel Seviarynets  was  already sentenced to 3 years of labour camp in 2005 but was released in May 2007 after receiving amnesty.


Belarusian and international human-rights organisations regard Pavel Seviarynets, as a prisoner of conscience and are calling for his immediate and unconditional release.

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