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We are an independent German-Swiss non-governmental organisation dedicated to the protection of human rights in Belarus and Ukraine.

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Congratulate political prisoners on their birthday!

Political prisoners in Belarus unfortunately have to spend their birthday in prison. We therefore call to write a postcard to all political prisoners who celebrate their birthday in October or November.

Online-Petition: Free Maria Kolesnikova and all political prisoners in Belarus!

Maria Kolesnikova was one of the leaders of the Belarusian protests last year. She was sentenced to 11 years in prison in Minsk on 6 September 2021. She has been in prison innocently for a year – just like over 800 other political prisoners.

No wanderlust for Belarus

The Lukashenko regime is being offered a stage for propagandistic image cultivation at the Bern Fernweh Festival with a cultural evening. Libereco and demand the cancellation of the event and call for protests against it if it takes place.

Solidarity with Natallia Hersche: postcards, appeal letters and online petition

Natallia Hersche, Swiss-Belarusian dual citizen from St. Gallen, has been imprisoned in Belarus since 19 September 2020 as one of more than 800 political prisoners. Please show your solidarity with Natallia and support our actions for her release!

Members of Parliament adopt political prisoners Piotr and Yuliya Marchanka, Alena Talkachova and Mikhail Ferenets

As part of Libereco’s #WeStandBYyou solidarity campaign, Filiz Polat (German Bundestag, Bündnis90/Die Grünen), Martina Munz (Swiss National Council, SP) and Yulia Klymenko (Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, Holos) are are taking over godparenthood for political prisoners in Belarus.

Members of Parliament adopt political prisoners Uladzimir and Nadzeya Kalach, Dzmitry Panko and Uladzislau Makavetski

As part of Libereco’s #WeStandBYyou solidarity campaign, Helmut Scholz (Germany, European Parliament, Die Linke), Tomáš Martínek (Czech Republic, Poslanecká sněmovna Parlamentu, Pirate Party) and Thijs Reuten (Netherlands, European Parliament, Partij van de Arbeid) are taking over godparenthoods of political prisoners in Belarus.

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