Ralf Haska, Pastor der Gemeinde St. Katharina

Ralf Haska, Pastor Of St. Catherine Church

For many weeks now, hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating on the wintry streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. They stand up against a corrupt and violent government; they stand up for peace, human dignity, and the rule of law. And they want their country to move closer to Europe.

The German Protestant-Lutheran Church St. Catherine in Kiev is located right in the heart of recent events; within striking distance of the Presidential Administration where the clash between protesters and police regularly takes place.

The parish supplies protestors AND policemen alike with tea, coffee, hot soup, power for recharging their mobile phones and urgent medical aid. Exhausted people get the opportunity to take a rest or pray in the heated church. When developments on the streets tend to become precarious, Pastor Ralf Haska is doing his best to mediate and appease. The parish also supports the prayer tent on the Maidan, which offers tea, coffee and food nonstop.

We kindly ask you to support the conciliating and de-escalating efforts of St. Catherine Church with a donation, which would enable the purchase of food and medicine.

Please use the following bank account for donations from Germany:
IBAN: DE34 5206 0410 0005 1860 80
Bank: Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft

Please use the following bank account for donations from Switzerland:

Beneficiary: Libereco
Account Number: 85-792427-8
Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH61 0900 0000 857924278
Reason for transfer: Donation Kiev (Please Include!)

Moreover, you may donate from across the world using paypal:
Beneficiary: Libereco
E-Mail Address: paypal@lphr.org
Subject: Donation Kiev (Please include!)

Libereco will forward all donations to the St. Catherine Church in Kiev.

Donation Receipt

Please send an email with your name, postal address and the donation value to pastor@katharina.kiev.ua should your place of residence be in Germany and you wish to receive a donation receipt.

Should your place of residence be in Germany or Switzerland and you wish to receive a donation receipt, please include your postal address when transferring the donation or using paypal. In Germany as well as Switzerland donations to Libereco are tax-deductible. In January of the subsequent year you will receive a donation receipt from Libereco.

More information: www.katharina.kiev.ua