AlinevichMarieluise Beck, member of German Bundestag stated, about her godparenthood for imprisoned Igor Olinevich in Belarus:

„Igor Olinevich was a member of a group who calls themselves „anarchists“. This group is linked to several political campaigns that have caused violent damages to material objects. The prosecution and sentence against Igor Olinevich referred to such actions. Igor Olinevich affirms that he was not involved in the accused offenses and he also distanced himself from that group meanwhile. The trial against Igor Olinevich was characterised by serious violations of constitutional principles. Igor Olinevich was kidnapped by unknown persons during his exile in Moscow and was brought to the KGB in Belarus. During his interrogations Igor Olinevich was abused mentally and physically. The extraordinary draconian punishment of 8 years in prison indicates a politically motivated sentence. I do not share the ideas of the „anarchists“ in Belarus. However, they have the right of constitutional trials. Given that constitutional trials are not granted in Belarus, I have taken over a godparenthood for Igor Olinevich in the framework of the godparenthood campaign for the political prisoners in Belarus of human rights organisation Libereco. I demand the release of Igor Olinevich and a fair trial to investigate the accusations.“

The Prisoner’s Godparenthood campaign for political prisoners in Belarus was initiated by the human rights organisation Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights to support the prisoners and their families.

Igor Olinevich, a member of several social and political groups, was detained on 29 November 2010 and sentenced to 8 years in prison on 27 May 2011 following an unfair and politically motivated trial. He is facing further harassment in prison. His contact to his family by visits, phone calls and letters is limited, which violates Belarusian laws.

Belarusian and international human rights organisations regard Igor Olinevich as a prisoner of conscience and are calling for his immediate and unconditional release.