The “March for Freedom” on 16 August in Minsk
(Photo: Artem Podrez)

People in Belarus need international support to continue their struggle for freedom and human rights.

Libereco continues to call upon all to continue following the events in Belarus closely, also when international attention might soon move on to the next pressing topic. For this reason from now on we will publish a daily summary with the most important political news from Belarus on our Telegram channel and our Facebook page.

At the same time, we to commit to small but powerful acts of solidarity including expressing solidarity online using the hashtags #WeStandBYYou and #BelarusSolidarity as well as writing in solidarity to political prisoners.

If you are financially able to do so, we would appreciate a donation to the initiative “BY_Help”. This campaign is being supported by prominent Belarusian diaspora and civil society activists with whom we and our partners have repeatedly worked in the past. The collected funds are used to support those persecuted for protesting and speaking out in the weeks since the elections, be it released detainees or other affectees of political repression in the post-election period. “BY_Help” assesses applications for support and distributes this assistance based on the principles of openness and transparency.

You can donate to “BY_Help” through Facebook, Paypal and direct transfer. These options are offered directly on the campaign’s Facebook page. Alternatively, you can donate via Libereco.

Important: We will forward 100 percent of any donation marked with “BY_Help” to the campaign’s account. Libereco is recognised as a tax-deductible charity organisation in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.