Natallia Hersche, Swiss-Belarusian dual citizen from St. Gallen, has been imprisoned in Belarus since 19 September 2020 as one of more than 800 political prisoners. Please show your solidarity with Natallia and support our actions for her release!

Libereco Switzerland greets Natallia on her birthday

Natallia Hersche was arbitrarily arrested at a peaceful women’s rally in Minsk on 19 September 2020. During her violent arrest, she had pulled the mask off the face of a masked security guard, who was not identified as such, in fear of her life and scratched him in the process. Therefore, in an unfair trial, she was sentenced to a draconian prison term of 2.5 years. On 20 October 2021, Natallia had to spend her birthday in prison for the second time.

Action 1: Please sign our online petition to Federal Councillor Cassis so that the Swiss Foreign Minister finally takes a firm stand for the release of Natallia Hersche.

Natallia Herrsche during her trial in Minsk. (Foto: Viasna)

Action 2: Write an appeal letter to the Belarusian Ambassador in Switzerland demanding the release of Natallia Hersche!

Libereco calls on you to protest against the continued detention of Natallia Hersche by writing letters to the Belarusian Ambassador in Switzerland. Templates for your appeal letter are available here:

– German Template

– English Template

You can of course also contact the Belarusian ambassador in a letter you have written yourself or send him an e-mail to

Action 3: Send a postcard to Natallia Hersche!

How your postcard reaches Natallia Hersche

In order for the postcards to be delivered, they must be written in Russian or Belarusian. If you don’t know Russian or Belarusian, translation sites like Google Translate or DeepL can help. These templates can also be used:

Russisch: Я пишу вам, чтобы вы знали, что о вас не забывают, о вас помнят. Люди во всем мире смотрят на Беларусь, внимательно следят за событиями в Беларуси и переживают за белорусов, за всех вас. Держитесь, сил вам и мужества! Надеюсь, что очень скоро наступят лучшие времена!

Belarussisch: Пішу вам з тым каб вы ведалі, што пра вас не забываюцца, пра вас памятаюць. Людзі ўсяго свету глядзяць на Беларусь, уважліва сочаць за падзеямі ў краіне і перажываюць за беларусаў. Трымайцеся, сіл вам і моцы. Спадзяюся, што вельмі хутка прыйдуць лепшыя часы!

Übersetzung:Ich schreibe Ihnen, um Sie wissen zu lassen, dass Sie nicht vergessen sind. Menschen auf der ganzen Welt schauen auf Belarus, sie verfolgen, was dort geschieht, und kümmern sich um Menschen wie Sie. Bitte bleiben Sie stark, ich hoffe, dass bald bessere Zeiten kommen werden!

The current prison address of Natallia Hersche is
Наталья Херше
Тюрьма №4.
ул. Крупской, 99А
212011, г. Могилев

Postage to Belarus is CHF 1.80 per postcard or letter.