13-originalThere is a war going on, right here in Europe. Only 2000 km from us. That war in Ukraine predominantly affects those who did not start it: Children and young people in the conflict zone. They live in permanent fear and are traumatised.

The school in Verkhnyotoretske tries to take care of its 70 students, who range from 1st to 11th grade, and to continue school life as well as possible – even though the ceasefire line between the Ukrainian army and separatist forces runs right through the village. Almost every night there is fighting, sometimes also by day. The school building has been affected several times. One teacher died, and the building was heavily damaged.

14The village school not only educates children and youth, it also offers psychological support. Activities such as handicrafts and staging plays help to reduce the stress, aggression and fear induced by the conflict. That is why the school needs handicrafts material, such as colored paper, brushes, paints, and fabrics.

In order to give these children and young people some positive experiences in the midst of wartime, Christmas and New Year will be celebrated at school in the upcoming weeks. Again, the school is in need of materials for decorations and costumes. Furthermore, small Christmas presents will be delivered to children in Verkhnyotoretske and other villages in the war zone.

Without our financial aid, it is unlikely that the school will be able to continue working. At the moment there is an urgent need for:

  • three laptop computers, two printers and a projector for lessons and extracurricular activities
  • handicraft materials
  • sweets for the Christmas party


“Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights” is collecting donations for the village school together with our partner organisation “Vostok SOS”, which is operating on the ground. We transfer all donations for the school to “Vostok SOS”. Since everybody at “Libereco” works voluntarily, your donation will be transferred without any deductions. The whole amount of your donation is going to benefit the school and children in Verkhnyotoretske.

A donation of:

20 EUR makes it possible to buy sweets for the school’s Christmas party

30 EUR makes it possible to buy Christmas presents for children in Verkhnyotoretske and other villages in the war zone

50 EUR makes it possible to buy handicraft materials for several of children

100 EUR makes it possible to buy a Santa Claus (Ded Moroz) costume or a printer

200 EUR makes it possible to buy a laptop computer

300 EUR makes it possible to buy a projector

Inside Germany: Support our crowdfunding project at betterplace.org

Inside Switzerland: Support our crowdfunding project at 100-days.net

Inside Netherlands: Support our crowdfunding project at onepercentclub.com

Of course you can donate directly to Libereco as well

We are grateful for every donation, however large or small. Through your support, you are sending a sign of solidarity and compassion to the children and young people who suffer the most from the war in Ukraine. Thank you very much for your help!




Since Spring 2014, the Ukrainian army and separatist groups backed by Russia have been fighting each other in south-east Ukraine. The United Nations estimates more than 9,500 fatalities and upwards of 22,000 injured since the fighting in Donbas started. More than 2,000 civilians have lost their life due to artillery fire. In spite of the ceasefire agreements signed in Minsk, fighting continues.


The village of Verkhnyoturetske is divided: three-quarters is controlled by Ukrainian forces, one quarter by separatists. The village is blocked by military checkpoints, going out after dark is prohibited. After 7pm, there is a strict curfew. It is advisable to not even go into your own front yard, as gunfighting and explosions may take place at any time without prior notice.



Donation information

„Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights“ is an officially-approved charitable organisation. Donations to “Libereco” are tax-deductible in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We mail donation certificates for the past year at the beginning of each year.

If you would like to receive a donation certificate, please state your complete address or send it to spenden@lphr.org.