The war zone in eastern Ukraine currently faces the largest wildfires in decades. Since 30 September, violent blazes have been raging in Luhansk region along the conflict line. Testimonials and videos indicate shelling and individuals throwing torches from behind the front line controlled by the separatists – fuelling the fires.

Due to powerful winds the fires were able to spread quickly, now burning across seven major areas of the region. They are difficult to control. A reason for this is that firefighting planes and helicopters could not be used right from the start: It was not until 1 October that the paramilitary, illegitimate forces of the self-proclaimed People’s Republics guaranteed to not shoot at firefighting aircraft and rescue planes. Since then, planes are battling the blazes also from above.

The fires have so far burned an area of almost 20,000 hectares and destroyed over 400 houses. At least eleven people died and hundreds have become homeless. Unable to return home, they are currently housed in emergency lodgings such as schools, hostels or with neighbors. In many places, people face blackouts and water shortages or they are cut off from power and water supply entirely.

The war zone, already suffering for years, is now in great distress. People who have lost everything urgently need support.

Donate now and help on the scene!

Vostok SOS, our Ukrainian partner organization, has set up an emergency hotline and provides humanitarian, legal and psychological assistance. Libereco Vice President Imke Hansen is on site and supports the Vostok SOS team in distributing food, clothing, blankets, tools and hygiene articles in villages affected by the fire.

Help us and donate now to our Emergency Relief Fund! With your donation you help to provide:

    • durable food to give out and water tanks for drinking water supply
    • working gloves, shovels and other tools to remove debris
    • building materials for repair and reconstruction
    • antiseptics, painkillers and ointments for wound treatment as well as eye drops, vitamin supplements, hygiene products and masks
    • legal advice and assistance
    • trauma-focused psycho-social support
    • temporary accommodation and care for homeless people

Information: Your donation enables us to respond to emergencies in the Ukrainian war zone. All members of Libereco are working on a voluntary basis: 100% of your donation goes to the people in eastern Ukraine! Libereco is recognized as a non-profit organization in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Donations that reach us from these three countries are tax deductible.