We’re excited to invite you to the #WeStandBYyou Fest, an online solidarity “festival” for Belarus. 20 bands from Germany, Austria, Sweden, the UK and Ireland will contribute to the event with their pre-recorded music performances, which will be accessible online from 24 April, 9 PM CET.

We hope that through this solidarity event, we will be able to collect donations for our Emergency Fund Belarus. Victims of extreme state violence need medical support  which they rarely receive or can only attempt to access at risk of arrest and  prosecution in Belarus. Libereco has set up this Fund in order to provide victims with medical treatment in Germany. Your donation supports people who paid for their commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights with their health. You can find more information on the fund here.

We are very grateful to the bands, who support Belarus through their participation in the event.

Thank you: Harry Gump, Efa Supertramp, Niki Minipax, Roughneck Riot, James Bar Bowen, 100 Kilo Herz, Karin Rabhansl, The Black Elephant Band, Jason S. Thompson, Brett Newski, Wham Bam Bodyslam, The Sensitives, Rodi, Anna’s Anchor, Chris Magerl And The Burning Flags, Sunliner, Blaufuchs, Sören, MX Plasticpunk (Rather Raccoon), Mainlined.

For more information on the #WeStandBYyou Fest, visit libereco.org/fest