Already one month before the presidential elections in Belarus on 9 August, the German-Swiss human rights organisation Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights has launched the solidarity campaign #WeStandBYyou. As part of this campaign, members of European parliaments take over godparenthood for political prisoners in the EU neighbouring state.

After the rigged voting, after which the authoritarian head of state Alexander Lukashenko declared himself the winner, the situation has worsened. Thousands of people have been arbitrarily arrested during the ongoing and nationwide peaceful protests against Lukashenko. Most of them have been released after a few days.

However, according to our Belarusian partner organisation Viasna, there are still more than 180 people arrested who are threatened with long prison sentences just because of their political commitment. Among these political prisoners are members of the Coordination Council, members of election campaign teams of independent presidential candidates, members of the opposition, bloggers and demonstrators.

With the #WeStandBYyou campaign, Libereco is now calling for solidarity with all people in Belarus who are committed to free and fair elections, democratization of the country, the rule of law and respect for human rights. All those who stand at the side of the politically persecuted in Belarus can express their solidarity by using the hashtag #WeStandBYyou in the social media and spread the campaign motif there.

Join our campaign now: Download the poster as PDF or JPG file here.

As part of the campaign, MPs of European parliaments take over a godparenthood for political prisoners in Belarus and to work for their release.

125 Politicians have taken over a godparenthood so far

European Parliament:

German Bundestag:

Swiss National Council and Council of States:

Austrian National Council:

Irish Lower House

Belgian Chamber of Representatives:

Dutch House of Representatives:

British House of Lords:

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